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First Appointment

Health History Form

Complete our Health questionnaire to help us get to know you.  Your doctor will use this information to better understand your condition and to help make recommendations for your care.


A one-on-one visit with your doctor who will review your health history and determine how Upper Cervical Care can help you.

Spinal Examination & Postural Assessment

Next your doctor will perform a series of functional tests, a detailed spinal evaluation, and a postural assessment.  These exams are painless and help the doctor identify the cause(s) of your health concerns.

NUCCA Leg Check

Doctor’s Report of Findings

Your doctor will then discuss each part of your examination and the impact those findings have on your body.  If the assessment shows a spinal misalignment is present, your doctor will discuss necessary X-ray images and their importance in correcting this problem.  We will also outline fees associated with care so you are comfortable moving forward.


Detailed X-ray Images

X-rays determine the degree and direction of the spinal misalignment, and show how to properly return the spine to normal.  Be assured our NUCCA X-rays involve specific safety procedures that reduce patient X-ray exposure.

NUCCA X-rays

NUCCA Analysis

Following your visit your doctor will begin a detailed review and analysis of your examination findings and X-rays.  Thorough review and analysis is necessary prior to receiving your first Upper Cervical correction.

We will then find the next available time for you to return where we will review your X-rays and important findings, and for you to start your specific care.  Click here to see your SECOND VISIT.

NUCCA X-rays

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