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Patient Experiences under NUCCA Care

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I came to Molland Spinal Care, with actually no hope to be honest. Stiff as, I can’t even find comparison. I could barely move my head. I was reluctant to come in because I always lived with that pain, so I’m so used to it, so I can do it, but when you can’t sleep and its not just the saying 24/7, but it was literally 24/7. Enough is enough, it doesn’t matter, I do want to get better. I need to get better to function as just a regular human being. I could barely get off the table on my own, turning around was a very difficult task. And here I am a few weeks later, about a month and a half. Look at me, I’m moving – I’m smiling, that was the tough part. We do have angels who look over us and Dr. Liz and Dr. Zach are one of them. I am so thankful and I appreciate their help, I might make it to the Olympics next time! Thank you!



I came into Molland Spinal Care first for my allergies and my acid reflux. And then from there, they just fixed me beyond just that. The allergies and the acid reflux have subsided. I don’t use my medication as much anymore. But then about six months ago I was in a car accident, and asked to go to the ER and I declined because I wanted to come right to Molland Spinal Care to Dr. Zach and Dr. Liz because I knew they would fix me, and just like that, next day in. They saw what I needed, they readjusted me. I didn’t have to spend seven hours in the ER. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but I was able to go in and out, a lot less expensive, a lot less stress. And they fixed me.



I am a chronic patient of migraines. I used to have migraines since I was maybe 13 or 14 years old. Initially it was once a month. With my age it increased. Last year, the last few years I have experienced my migraine frequency has gone to 2-3 times a week. Luckily, last year I found out about NUCCA Chiropractic treatment. In particularly, I found out about two amazing doctors. Dr. Zach and Dr. Liz. I’m so glad that I came here to give it a shot. My migraine frequency has gone down and intensity has gone down a lot. I could go on such vacations for 2-3 weeks, I had done scuba diving or paragliding. Those kind of activities which I could never imagine that I would do with my migraines.



I was talking to a colleague about these nagging ailments that I couldn’t really figure out on my own. So he recommended I looked up Molland Spinal Care. My body and my health have been different ever since. I’ve noticed a lot of changes, not just visually in the mirror, but the way I feel and the way I perform at the gym.  I’ve learned so much with Zach and Liz I’m even to the point that I’m really considering moving into Chiropractic, as far as my career goes. As far as I can say, Molland Spinal Care has really helped me.



Before coming to Molland Spinal Care, I had gone to regular chiropractors and had been cracked for many many years. I had a lot of neck problems from whiplash.  I was experiencing pain and little muscle spasms that were really quite painful up and down my spine. They were really impacting my life, and impacting my moods. So I came in December, I believe, and started the process and over the course of the next six months, I don’t have any pain at all, really.



I was referred to Dr. Zach and Dr. Liz at Molland Spinal Care and have been coming for about the past three months.  I now have no more knee pain, which is miraculous.  In the past, even if I just cross my legs sitting at the table it would hurt.  I would have to uncross them and massage my knee.  But now I haven’t had any knee pain in three months and my middle back pain is gone!



I had been experiencing tinnitus for a long time, for about 3 years.  Today is the first day that I’ve realized I’m totally clear of the tinnitus so I’m really happy about that!  The tinnitus was interfering with when I would be in conversation with people.  There were times the tinnitus was interfering with my hearing with what they were saying.  I would just pretend that I heard what they said.  So it feels like a miracle to like not hear that now.  I had tried Zinc supplements and other supplements.  There’s not really any good medical answer for it…but Dr. Molland apparently is the answer for it!



Jamie (Mother) about her Son Joshua

Dr Zach & Dr Liz –

I am so grateful to have found you just before we moved away from New Jersey. Thank you for caring for my son, Joshua. He is an incredibly sharp minded 5 year old who has never been able to control his emotions, especially when he starts to get upset or wound up. He started having tantrums around 2, like all of our other children, but he did not outgrow them or gain control over them until recently. Just prior to treatment with you he had a tantrum where he verbalized his inability to calm down. I spent part of my professional career as an analyst so I documented some of the changes I saw after the first adjustment and I wanted to share with you.

NUCCA Behavioral Improvement

The changes documented above are what I journaled and are a small sample of some of the changes noticed.

It’s hard to communicate the amount of stress and tears his reaction to simple requests caused us. We worried about what help he needed, would he require therapy or medication? It was a story from a friend about her granddaughter with a needed C1 adjustment that led us to a NUCCA chiropractor. Recalling that his birth was very difficult, evacuation ending with an episiotomy and vacuum, we wondered if he also had a C1 that required correction. His initial examination discovered his C2 required the care.

I have been joyfully overwhelmed that some of his anxiety and emotional outburst are behind us or are at least a lot more manageable. At 5 years old there are some days he still gets upset about helping around the house, which is expected, but his reaction now feels more normal. When he gets upset he is able to go through the process of feeling the emotion and releasing it, he is now able to calm down. What a change you have made in our lives.

I hope you never lose the desire you have to help others, you both are amazing.

Thank you for being NUCCAmazing!
Jamie Williams (Mother)


I used to work in the factories, and I’d have shooting pains up my legs and the bottom of my feet would always hurt. Once finding the right adjustment, it definitely makes your life a lot better.  I also mentioned my knee pain to Dr. Zach, he said “let me take a look at that” and he would do some deep tissue therapy and it has resolved my issues and they have stayed gone.  It’s definitely something that if you are experiencing any type of issues with your back or any part of your body you really need to come and see Dr. Zach and Liz because they will be able to put your body back to where it should be.



Dr. Zach straightened me out and has observed me and corrected me over a few months. I am very much pain free and I feel better all around. I am very happy that I came.

I’ve never been to a chiropractor before. I didn’t really know what to expect. When they showed me my x-rays I was very surprised how crooked my spine was. The first thing they said to me was, “did anyone ever take a picture of your spine?” And I said obviously not the way you did. Their care helped tremendously. I wasn’t expecting it to help that much. I also found out that when you have sciatica, it probably could mean that you are not aligned, that happened to me and I had the realignment. And within that week, maybe three or four days I felt so much better. I definitely would recommend for other people if they are having neck pain or any type of back pain or any other type of symptom that they haven’t been able to be treated for medically that they should come for a visit and see if the alignment will help them.

Laurie & Ty


Dealing with a neck and shoulder pain for past 14+ years has become an every day “normalcy”. I have seen a chiropractor, acupuncturist, a pain specialist. I got a temporary, off and on relief. But… stiffness and soreness, debilitating pain in the neck area, numbness, tingling in my hand, pain sensitivity when touching a pillow (yes, the softest pillow), finally, brought me to Dr.’s Mollands’ office a few months ago. Simple daily routines, like driving, fixing myself a meal, holding a glass (even an empty one) became challenging at that point. (Almost 4 years ago, when I was experiencing the same symptoms, I ended up seeing a pain specialist. Three epidural injections in my spine for three months in a row.) This time, though, the pain would not go away. 24/7. So, I listened to a friend of mine, a patient of Dr. Liz and Zach and walked into their office with hope only. A consultation, followed up with particularly “precise” X-rays led to a several corrections over past weeks. The very first sign of “getting out” of years of misalignment was, finally!, being able to sleep through the night. Since that night my body has started taking baby steps in healing. Now, a few months later, although not 100% pain free (yet :)), every day is easier to get through, happier and brighter. There are days when I feel like “new”. It has been an enlightening experience knowing that there are people who DO understand us, who understand our bodies and our pains and who DO treat us with their best knowledge, their minds and their hearts… Dr. Liz and Dr. Zach, THANK YOU for all of that and beyond on behalf of all of us.



Our whole family sees Dr. Liz and Dr. Zach!  We drive all way from northern NJ because they’re the best. They have even helped decrease my 2 year old’s asthma symptoms. As soon as he starts coughing, I call and they fit him in. The next day, his cough is reduced dramatically.  We would definitely recommend giving them a try!

Danielle, Chris, & Caden


Dr. Liz and Dr. Zach are kind, caring and very thorough in their evaluation and treatment. After two visits, my neck pain was gone. They are experts in natural healing and pain relief, and made a big difference in the lives of my family and friends. We are very thankful to them for keeping us athletic and healthy!



The reason I came here is because my pain was no longer just low back pain, it started radiating into my hips. Care has been amazing. After the first visit the pain was almost gone, and the day after, it was totally gone. I would definitely give this a shot because it’s the most effective and quickest medication free treatment that I have ever been associated with.



Thanks to Molland Spinal Care I can turn my head pain free and no longer experience headaches! Many of the intermittent aches and pains in my lower back that I considered normal due to my triathlon training regime are also disappearing. Thank you Dr. Liz and Dr. Zach for listening to my concerns, explaining why I was feeling my specific pains, and implementing a program that has helped me get better.



Hi, before I came to Molland Spinal Care I was suffering from chronic tendonitis in my right wrist.  I first walked in here with a wrist brace on.  I was unable to work and do my daily, day-to-day, nine-to-five job.  I am no longer in a wrist brace!  I am able to go to the gym every day!  There has not been any impact in letting me do that.  And I have gained a lot of mobility in my right wrist.  I look forward to gaining full strength and look forward to continued improvement.



I had been continually struggling with pain in my right shoulder for 1 ½ years.  Sometimes the pain became extremely severe…But I had great results after my first visit!

“Drs. Zach and Liz are very knowledgeable and understanding, a pleasure to work with.”



After I saw my results I brought in my 8 year-old daughter who was suffering from allergies and had a congested nose since she was 4-years old.  Dr. Molland helped her with those problems as well.  I would “MOST DEFINITELY” recommend upper cervical chiropractic to others…“ITS PAINLESS AND EFFECTIVE!

-Asmik & daughter Giana


I came to Molland Spinal care after suffering from 10 out of 10 neck pain I dealt with for 10 years!  After being treated by several chiropractors and neurologists…I was told I would need injections into my neck for the rest of my life.  1 week after my initial NUCCA adjustment, I came into the office almost completely PAIN FREE.  I now have ZERO neck pain and have only been adjusted the ONE time.  



We can’t thank Molland Spinal Care enough for giving us our lives back literally!  Such detailed orientation and dedication to providing the relief and results where it is needed is truly a gift.  Thank you Dr. Zachary Molland D.C. and Dr. Elizabeth Molland D.C. for your knowledge and desire to help build a healthier life for us.

Robert & Laura


I suffered head trauma, with concussions and whiplash.  Shortly after, I started having intense migraines and all kinds of occipital problems.  I had to go to a nerve pain management center and get a nerve block in the back of my head.   I was really getting scared that this was what my new life was going to be like.  Shortly after my first adjustment with Doctor Liz, I started feeling this amazing lightness that’s been with me pretty much ever since.  I am now migraine free and pain free.  Also I’m back to my yoga class and my gardening.  My life is so much better now.  I’m really psyched and I’m very grateful.



Dr. Zach and Dr. Liz are two of the most outstanding doctors I have ever met. They are both caring and kind. When I first went to them I could barely function as I suffer from Menieres Disease and Vestibular Migraines after their adjustments I was able to get on with my life.

“Thank you for giving me my life back.”



I first came to Molland Spinal Care for my SEVERE MIGRAINES and shooting pain down my right arm into my hand. In attempts to treat my migraines, I saw over a dozen others doctors over the past 12 years, but none of their treatments worked… I was prescribed medication…I had 1 1/2 years of physical therapies…I had cortisone shots…I even had surgery… I went to another orthopedist and shoulder specialist, but all they suggested was anti-depressants. As far as my results with Molland Spinal Care, over the first few months I was feeling better but still had some pain. Due to the complexity of my case and after being in a minor accident, the doctors made necessary changes to my care. Since that next visit, I’ve been completely MIGRAINE FREE and I don’t have any pain shooting down my arm!

“I would highly recommend this to anyone in pain. After years and years of doctors and treatments, this is the only one that worked and I didn’t need any medications!”



For years I had chronic, widespread pain and stiffness on the right side of my neck, shoulder, abdomen, and hip.  It was a negative aspect of my life I had learned to deal with…but pain free living is much better.  I previously went to my medical doctor, the IMA clinic, and saw a gastroenterologist, but was left with no results.  Since being under care, my posture is better and more relaxed, I have a more positive mood after my adjustments, and my muscle tightness is noticeably lessened.  In addition, I also now have NO TENSION HEADACHES!  I would definitely recommend Upper Cervical Chiropractic to others.  This is the most non-invasive, comprehensive solution to dozens of medical issues.



The past several years of my life had been spent in severe back pain, a 9/10!  I’d previously tried an orthopedist who gave me cortisone injections (which failed), and another chiropractor, without good results.  Since starting at Molland Spinal Care, I have more mobility, less pain, I’m walking taller with better posture, and all at ease. I also eliminated all my pain meds!  I would absolutely recommend Upper Cervical Chiropractic to others suffering like I was.



For the past few years I have struggled with significant pain in both my calves and feet.  The pain occasionally affect my lower back as well.  After only three months of seeing the doctors at Molland Spinal Care, my calve and foot pain is COMPLETELY gone!  My low back pain is much improved as well.  After seeing my results, I brought in my youngest son for his respiratory issues and my wife for her back pain.  They have seen great results as well.

Give it a try and you will feel the results.  The relief will be long-term, not temporary.”



I have had back pain for as long as I can remember.  The pain varied, but at times, nothing could lessen the pain.  I even tried other doctors, but never saw long lasting results.  After my first visit at Molland Spinal Care I had more energy, my sinuses were clearer, and my back pain was gone!  I was even able to throw out my hot pack and Advil.

“Their bedside manner is great and they really care about how you are doing and how you are feeling.  

I am glad I chose Molland Spinal Care.”



Wonderful experience.  I had not had a NUCCA chiropractic adjustment in almost six years-due to moving.  These two lovely people cared for me and provided me with dramatic, lasting results.  I need to mention their pricing is most fair as well.



I’ve had migraines twice a week for YEARS!  On top of that, I had severe low back pain and occasional neck pain.  Before coming here, I visited other doctors who told me nothing could be done for my condition.   In just one adjustment, I have been migraine FREE!  It has now been a few months and all my pain is gone!  One of the best things about feeling great is not needing medication.  I no longer need my Excedrin or Naproxen!  My husband comes here as well and is doing much better.

“These are amazing doctors that explain everything.  They are very patient and kind.  Upper Cervical Chiropractic really has helped me on many levels.”



For years I’ve had CONSTANT tension headaches from neck and shoulder pain.  I was unbalanced and unable to walk properly.  The worst part about my pain, was that I could feel it only getting worse over time.  I didn’t spend much time looking for solutions, honestly I didn’t think I could be helped.  But now my results speak for themselves.  My headaches have almost completely dissipated, I stand with better posture, and I walk straight with proper balance.

This is the first office I have ever been to where the doctors care about your progress and they are very informative and professional in every aspect of their job.  Upper Cervical Chiropractic helped me get rid of ALL my pain and they gave me my body back.  I haven’t felt this good in years!”



I was told almost 7 years ago I had severe arthritis between C5 and C6. I was having difficulty turning my head while driving especially tryin to enter the parkway. I figured this is just a part of growing older. My doctor suggested X-rays and a specialist. The specialist never examined me. He just looked at my X-rays and sent me to physical therapy. PT helped but the pain, soreness, and stiffness returned. Dr. Zach took his own X-rays of my spine. My spine was so crooked! I was shocked! I have to admit I was a bit skeptical that the adjustment would make a difference. It’s been about 10 weeks now. I can feel my muscles relaxing. I don’t wake up with pain in the middle of the night and it doesn’t hurt to turn my head.

I am thankful I met Dr. Zachary! Don’t settle for just mediocre care. You don’t have to live with pain and chronic soreness.”



I have had lower back pain for so long, I thought it was something I just had to live with.  The pain I was having forced me to take Advil regularly to get through a workday.  I did have some doubts before coming, but the doctors had already helped my family with back and neck pain so I felt I was in the right place.  The results I experienced were evident within the first 24 hours!

“Wonderful experience and results.  I recommend Dr. Zach and Dr. Liz to everyone I talk to.”



I have been a patient of many chiropractors over the years, but never felt that treatment was getting to the root of my pain. Molland Spinal Care is different. Drs. Liz & Zach are very attentive and provide the most highly-individualized care to help my body heal. The NUCCA corrections are very gentle and relaxing – I can feel my tension unwinding during treatment.



Skilled, caring and compassionate are words to describe the doctors at Molland Spinal Care. Not only did I receive precision upper cervical care, but I was also treated for two separate foot injuries. It’s rare to find providers that can provide a high level of care from head to toe. Thank you Dr. Zach and Dr. Liz!



The upper cervical adjustment that I received eliminated the pain in my lower back and tingling in my fingers. Thanks to the skill and professionalism of Doctors Zach and Liz I am now pain free and have resumed all of the activities that I enjoy.



Very informative and stress free process. Dr. Zach and Dr. Liz are professional and courteous. My 3 herniated disks and torn labrum in my hip are basically non factors now. I am able to work out and do the things i love.



I have had lower back pain my entire life!  The pain is what I called an 11/10!  Nothing worked, nothing helped.  I even had multiple injections into my neck.  This made the past few years of my life miserable.  I would even dread waking up because I knew I would be in pain.  The doctors at Molland Spinal Care came highly recommended by a friend.  By the time I came in, I had no doubts I was in the right place.  As far as my results, I feel I was a MIRACLE!  In only 3 weeks I had NO PAIN!   I no longer dread my morning, I’m more active, and I am much happier!



Had headaches for a year. Other chiropractors didn’t help-so I finally tried upper cervical. Dr. Molland has been wonderful. Not only are my headaches gone but other spinal aches and pains are gone also! His adjustments are gentle yet effective. At 63 years young I feel great thanks to Dr. Zach.



I have rarely met a person (especially a doctor) who cares more for their patient’s than Dr. Liz, and a doctor who works harder than Dr. Zach to give the best care possible to you and your family. When you come to Molland Spinal Care you are going to get results from genuine people. They don’t mess around!



Excellent experience, this amazing couple take care my neck pain, affordable prices. Very kind doctors that care for the patient.



Dr. Zach and Dr. Liz are great!!! I had been struggling with headaches and neck pain for years until I met them. Not only are my headaches and neck pain gone, but my whole body feels amazing! I highly recommend these two wonderful doctors.



Dr. Liz and Dr. Zach are outstanding individuals. I appreciate their dedication to being thorough and specific. They are very passionate about helping each individual reach health goals. Dr. Liz and Dr. Zach make me feel like family.



As someone suffering from scoliosis and serious neck tension I have been seeing a chiropractor since I was a child. It was not until I stumbled upon Molland Spinal Care, that I started seeing positive results that last. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Zach and Dr. Liz. They are extremely professional, truly caring, and top practitioners in their field. I walk away from every visit feeling better than when I walked in.



Dr. Zach has been able to minimize my back pain to intermittent discomfort, from the near every day symptoms I was suffering from. I had never heard of upper cervical chiropractic treatment before, but I had nothing to lose, since it is a very gentle adjustment. I like the fact that this practice wants the body to heal itself, and require infrequent visits, versus weekly or monthly appointments for years. Dr. Zach and Dr. Liz are both warm, friendly people, and I feel comfortable in their office due to this, as well as their professionalism. Dr. Zach is happy when I come in for a checkup and don’t need an adjustment, which speaks to their belief in this kind of self-healing. I would recommend Molland Spinal Care to anyone who is having spinal pain or issues.