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Second Appointment

Report of Findings

To start your second visit, your doctor will review your X-ray images with you.  Important findings and their impact will be explained.  You will see your unique misalignment while your doctor explains how it will be corrected.

First Adjustment

You will then receive your very first NUCCA correction.  Immediately after the correction your body and spine will begin to de-stress and unwind from your spinal misalignment.  Many people feel changes the very same day.  Over time your body will continue to heal, change, and re-align itself as it adjusts to your new spinal balance.

Post Adjustment X-rays

To be certain your spinal misalignment has been fully corrected, your doctor will take X-rays following your first correction.  This allows the doctor to KNOW the problem has been fixed.  This also shows the doctor your body and spine are in the perfect position to begin to heal and recover from the damage that was causing your symptoms.

Upper Cervical Chiropractic is Gentle, Precise, & Highly Effective!

Our precision analysis of the body and spine allows us to identify exactly where the problem area(s) lie prior to your first treatment.

Precise X-rays and accurate measurement techniques allow us to determine the degree and direction to correct your spinal misalignment.  Our NUCCA X-rays taken of the head and neck are highly specialized and cannot be duplicated even in a hospital setting.

With the use of precise measurements, achieving spinal balance requires only a gentle and controlled touch in the perfect direction.  No forceful twisting or popping is necessary. Like the combination for a lock, the correction for each patient is unique.  No two are exactly alike.

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