Our Process


It’s simple. Click our “Schedule a Visit” button found throughout our website. Fill in the necessary boxes and we will contact you shortly with an appointment time that works best for you. It is our top priority to be able to see you as soon as possible so you can find fast relief. If you would prefer to give us a call, we can be reached at (908) 601-5600.


The first part of this visit is all about one of our doctors getting to know you and your health condition.  You will sit down one-on-one with a doctor (not an aid) where you will be able to discuss all of your health concerns.


The doctor will then perform a series of functional tests and spinal evaluations to assess the current condition of your body and spine.  These tests are painless and help the doctor identify if we are the best place for helping you with your health condition.


Your doctor will then sit down with you and discuss each part of your examination and what impact that has on your body.  If the assessment shows you are in the best place for care, your doctor will discuss necessary x-rays, where they can be taken right here in our office.   This allows the doctor to identify where the problem began, bringing us one step closer to correcting the root of the problem.


On your second visit you and your doctor will discuss important x-ray information.  This also helps you understand what the problem is, and why other treatments have fallen short in the past.  You will then receive your first spinal correction, beginning your road to health.  Before leaving, the doctor will also discuss important at-home tips to help you quickly get back to living the life you love!