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Migraine Headaches and NUCCA

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NUCCA is proven to be safe, gentle, and highly effective at reducing and eliminating migraine headaches.

Crucial Link Between Upper Neck Misalignment & Migraine Headaches

Car accidents, falls, sports injuries, whiplash, and other head and neck injuries have one thing in common.  They all create upper neck misalignment!

If you have experienced any of these traumas to the head and neck area then it is likely you have suffered an undetected injury to your upper neck.  Upper neck injuries are very common, especially in those suffering with migraine headaches.  When the upper neck is misaligned due to an accident or injury, it changes the way the brain is working.

For those without a history of trauma, this head or neck injury was most likely sustained during birth.  For those delivered via c-section, forceps or vacuum extraction, or if your neck was forcefully pulled during the delivery, you most likely sustained an injury creating your upper neck misalignment.

Misalignment of your upper cervical spine causes an irritation to your nervous system.  In time, this will alter blood and cerebrospinal fluid flow to the brain, leading to migraine headache symptoms.  While this rarely manifests as migraine symptoms right away, given months or even years of upper cervical spine and brain dysfunction, this problem eventually leads to migraine headaches.

Studies show 85% of migraine headache sufferers have a history of a head or neck trauma.

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NUCCA and Neck Pain

Upper neck misalignment contributing to migraine headaches.  After NUCCA treatment the neck misalignment was corrected allowing migraine headaches to significantly reduce in frequency and intensity.

What Causes Migraine Headaches?

Migraine Study Using NUCCA Treatment

NUCCA MRIOver a 30% increase in vessel compliance (blood flow) following the NUCCA Correction.

A Blood Flow & CSF Flow Problem

Advances in brain studies have allowed researchers to study changes in blood flow and CSF flow to and from the brain as a result of a misalignment of the upper neck.  This type of misalignment leads to a blood flow blockage as fluid attempts to exit the brain.  This leads to a buildup of waste unable to drain.  Think of this as a backup in your plumbing.  When the waste cannot drain, there will be a buildup of toxins and pressure.  In this case, the toxins and pressure are surrounding the brain.  This alters brain function, eventually leading to migraine headache symptoms.  The waste must be allowed to flush before symptoms can diminish.  Correcting the upper neck misalignment has been shown to restore proper flow in and out of the brain, while significantly reducing migraine symptoms.

Research Proves NUCCA Effectiveness for Migraines

National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association (NUCCA) recently performed research studying the effectiveness of the NUCCA correction at removing misalignment of the Upper Cervical Spine and the influences this has on reducing migraine headache pain in chronic sufferers.

Results of NUCCA studies on treatment for migraine headaches:

  • Patient’s noticed a significant drop in migraine pain, as shown by this scale!

  • Blood vessel compliance (ease of flow) doubled after the NUCCA correction!

  • 30% decrease in brain fluid pressure following the correction!

  • Similar study measured before and after NUCCA treatment, where migraine pain decreased from a 5.73/10 to a 1.26/10!

  • “Findings suggest an improved change in blood flow and CSF flow following the atlas correction”

Migraine Reduction Graph

Reduction in Migraine Headache Pain Following NUCCA Care

NUCCA May Be The Missing Link To Your Migraine Headaches

NUCCA has developed a very precise, gentle and sophisticated procedure to correct misalignment in the upper neck without any twisting or popping!  This restores flow to and from the brain, allowing migraine pain to reduce naturally.

NUCCA Chiropractors frequently find a significant upper neck misalignment in those suffering with migraine headaches.  To see if your migraine headaches are stemming from this same problem, visit your New Jersey NUCCA Chiropractor.  Consultations are complimentary and will allow your doctor to identify if an upper cervical spinal misalignment is the cause.

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