3 Reasons Your Low Back Pain is a Problem in Your Neck

If you have low back pain this short article is a must read.  Here you’ll learn:

  • Why a balanced pelvis is crucial to ending low back pain
  • Why you have tight muscles in your back
  • How a curve in your low back is weakening your spine, causing more pain

More importantly, you are going to learn how to correct these 3 critical problems which are creating your low back pain.  You will also learn why your pain is actually a problem that started somewhere else in your spine!  (I am going to tell you where!)

Reason #1: Pelvic Unleveling Leads to Lower Back Pain

This is one of the biggest factors that leads to low back pain.  Most people have this issue and have no idea what it is.  The pelvis is the big bony structure that connects your low back to you legs.  This is a crucial area that if not balanced, will certainly cause you pain now or in the future.

The pelvic bones are the large bony shelves you feel on your sides, just below your rib cage.  In someone who is healthy and balanced, the pelvis will sit level from side-to-side.  For those who have experienced a spinal misalignment, the pelvis often sits high on one side and low on the other side.  This leads to a constant increase in pressure on your low back.  This affects your sacrum, sacro-iliac (SI) joints, lumbar discs (in particular the L5 disc), and nerves.  If an uneven pelvis is left for too long, this problem will lead to disc herniation, sciatica, lumbar radiculopathy, lumbar curvature, and pain.

Pelvic unleveling

So how does the pelvis become unlevel?  There is a special place in your body that controls how the pelvis sits from side to side.

It’s called the upper cervical spine.  If your spinal misalignment is affecting your upper cervical spine, the pelvis will remain unlevel.  This is the first reason your low back pain is a neck problem.

Reason #2: Uneven Muscle Tone Causes Painful Spasms

If you have low back pain then most likely you know what it feels like to have one side of your back more tight than the other.  This can be intense, pin-point spasms right up against the spine.  Or just a constant ache and pull on either side.

Low Back Pain

Uneven muscle tone is a big indicator a spinal misalignment is causing your lower back pain.  Muscle tension and tone is controlled by a small part of the spine at the very top, right where the neck meets the head.  Again, this area is known as the upper cervical spine.

If there has been any accident or injury to the upper cervical spine, the muscle tone and balance will be unequal from side-to-side.  This is the number one cause for muscle spasms in the low back.  This is also why they may go away with a massage or hot pack, but come right back the neck day or following week.  This is the second reason your low back pain is a neck problem.

Reason #3: Curves in Your Low Back Lead to Disc and Joint Breakdown (a.k.a. Arthritis)

Many people suffering from low back pain have one of two big problems in their low back.

#1: Your spine has a sideways curve or bend in the middle.  The body and spine are only healthy if they are in balance.  When a curve has developed in the low back, the lumbar spine becomes increasingly weak, leading to joint and disc breakdown.  This is commonly known as arthritis.  If the discs continue to breakdown it will lead to a slipped disc or a herniated disc.  Herniated discs often cause a shooting leg pain called sciatica or lumbar radiculopathy.

#2: Your spine leans to the left or to the right.  This is another very common problem in people suffering from lower back pain.  Uneven muscles of the back are what pull the spine to one side or the other.  This can be painful in itself, but much like a curve in the low back, this problem also leads to breakdown of the lumbar joints and discs.  Breakdown of the lumbar joints leads to bony spurs that eventually Pelvic unlevelingimpinge on nearby nerves like the sciatic nerve.

Whether your low back curves or leans to one side, lumbar spinal balance is controlled by the upper cervical spine.  If a spinal misalignment is present, this progressive and degenerative condition will continue to cause increasingly unpleasant low back pain.  This is the third reason your low back pain is a neck problem.

How can an Upper Cervical Chiropractor – NUCCA Chiropractor Help Low Back Pain?

Your Upper Cervical Chiropractor or NUCCA Chiropractor starts by performing a detailed spinal analysis and postural assessment to identify the cause of the low back painSpinal misalignment is the #1 cause of stress and breakdown of the spine.  If the evaluation shows evidence of a spinal misalignment, your NUCCA Chiropractor will perform a gentle and precise spinal correction.

The NUCCA adjustment is designed to restore spinal alignment and body balance, removing stress and compression of the spine and spinal nerves.  Once this happens, the body and spine quickly begin to heal and recover from the damage of the spinal misalignment.

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