You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” ― R. Buckminster Fuller

Today more than ever, people feel they are fighting with health and healthcare. We pay high premiums for insurance that doesn’t cover the care we need. We are told to take drugs that do not address our health problems. We are required to have costly tests with high co-pays. We buy health plans that tell us which doctors we are allowed to see, and above all else, we are made to feel there are no other choices.

What Buckminster’s was telling us, is that if we want things to change, we have to find a new way; a better way. A way that makes the old way “obsolete”.

What if I were to tell you that a better way is already here? And that it’s growing fast! Pediatrician Larry Palevsky M.D. of Long Island is one of the doctors spearheading this movement. For over a decade Dr. Palevsky has been emphasizing this “New Model” and has seen explosive results among his patients.

Importance of the Medical Doctor

Before diving in further, one thing should be made clear. This article is not a stance of anti-medical doctors or even anti-medicine. In fact, I strongly believe medical doctors play an extremely important role in our health. That goes for the “Old Model” and the “New”. But like all health professionals, they should have a specific role. The role the medical doctor is best suited for is that of saving and preserving life and also to help rule out serious illness or injury. For example, if you have serious or potentially serious illness or injury, your medical doctor is exactly the professional you want treating you and your family.

However, outside of most emergency care situations, your medical doctor is limited with treatment options for “health” care. Let’s face it, though they have a time and place to be used, painkillers, anti-depressants, high blood pressure pills, muscle relaxers, and antibiotics are simply not the real solution to most health problems.

The Shift

That is why Dr. Palevsky and his new approach changed the role of the how the family care doctor and the pediatrician are treating their patients.

He has shifted his role from the doctor that “treats all conditions” to a doctor that focuses on “health emergencies“. His role is also to help direct patients to the best health professional for their specific condition. His role is now the quarterback of the system, rather than the doctor who is expected to treat every condition that walks into his exam room.

As a pediatrician, Dr. Palevsky says his first job is to determine if the child’s life is in any danger. If the answer is no, then he often tells the parents to call their chiropractor, or their nutritionist, or their naturopathic doctor, and so on. He determines the child’s need based on their problem and helps direct them to the most appropriate member of their team.

For medical doctors, their role remains equally as important, but somewhat simplified. Dr. Palevsky thinks his patients are happier now that he communicates with a team of professionals to keep his patients in the best hands for their specific condition. And he knows they see the results. Dr. Palevsky says he only has one to two patients a year have to make a trip to the hospital for emergency health issues. The continued care they receive from their team of professionals keeps them healthy and feeling well.

Old Model

Let’s take a look at the “Old Model”. The old model is one that has been described by Dr. Robert Brooks D.C. and it goes like this:

Your body is designed fundamentally flawed…You are going to have things go wrong with you over the course of your life…things that you are not going to recover from, or get over.”

This model tells us that our body is not innately intelligent and our body’s health mechanisms must be sidestepped in order to overcome general illness. This further says that we must immediately go to our medical doctor and get a prescription, because our body is deficient in something. Where in fact, many medications actually work on the premise that we must dumb-down our body’s natural health mechanisms.

For example, let’s take anti-pyretic medication aka fever reducing medication. When our body recognizes unwanted bacterial growth internally, it spikes a fever. It does this because most bacteria that we encounter do not grow and multiply as well at higher temperatures. Our fever is our body’s evolutionary way to destroy harmful pathogens in our body! The job of fever reducing medication is to halt this natural bacteria killing mechanism. What happens next is: no fever, bacteria multiply freely, and eventually prolonged of illness.

The next step for most people is to take the trip to their primary care doctor for an antibiotic. The antibiotic then destroys not only the bad bacteria, but also 10’s of millions of good bacteria. Your body co-depends on these good bacteria for proper GI health and vitamin production. Now our body is stuck in a sickness loop, fighting illness and nutritional deficiency. Can you see the flaw in this process? The answer is not to put a halt to your body’s natural health mechanisms, but rather to facilitate them! And that is the goal of the “New Model”.

New Model

As again described by Dr. Robert Brooks D.C., the “New Model” goes like this:

You come fundamentally perfect. You have the ability to heal and recover from almost anything, and you can adapt to anything you can’t heal and recover from. That I (as a health professional) am going to empower you to make your own decisions because you are the only one who knows what is true to you, ultimately.”

This model inspires us to understand that we are innately brilliant. That our body and the innate mechanisms within it can naturally heal you from almost anything that it comes across. That you have to support it and make healthy choices that facilitate your body’s natural healing power and intelligence.

Dr. Palevsky has embodied this “new model” and it has been revolutionary for him and his patients. How he uses this new model is simple. He uses a “TEAM”. No more one doctor to solve all your problems. No more “you have this problem, you get this medication”. No more searching for the “perfect” doctor, because one doctor is not meant to treat everything.     

Even further, this new model is built around awareness, thinking, learning, and owning the knowledge about your health and the health of your family. No waiting for someone else to save you with answers and truth.

To see this system at work, we can peek into Dr. Palevsky’s clinic. Here they educate their patients on health and teach them that it comes from within, through natural means. They show parents that immunity to disease is a process that is natural and only comes from exposure to pathogens such as bacteria and viruses. They are taught that this exposure is used to prime our immune system, to challenge it so when opposed by a strong bacterial foe, that it is prepared to fight and to win the internal battle of health and homeostasis, without the need of external medication.

Further, patients are taught their medical doctor and pediatrician are there to ensure them they are safe and not in any danger, and then to assist them in finding the best healthcare professional to help them with their current condition.

So who are these other professionals? Dr. Palevsky recommends you develop your own special team of natural healthcare professionals who will not only communicate and work together, but to also have a team that share your similar beliefs in how you want your family cared for. For many people, these professionals include a:

-Family Doctor






-Integrative & Preventative Medical Doctor

This list could go on, but the purpose is to know that in this type of care, you can make best use of your team of professionals working in the best interest of your health and well-being.

As a healthcare professional, I want you to know that the “fight to change the existing reality” is very much real, but also that “a new model that makes the existing model obsolete”, is here.

Now more than ever people question their health, their medication, and their treatments. And you should too. Be empowered to become aware, to think, to learn, to own the knowledge of your health. Because you are the only one who knows what is true to you, ultimately

Please assist others in finding the best doctors and health professionals in your area. If you have had great experiences with a health professional, please share it with us so we may create a stronger team of those looking to help.

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